• We generate lasting and trust-based relationships (Key Accounting 360 °)
    • Carrefour




    • 1. Focused on modern channel customers (FMCG)
    • 2. We have achieved 55% coverage in the Spanish food-goods market with an outstanding presence in all channels (hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount stores)
    • 3. We have developed a Key Accounting 360º function with all our customers:
    • – Creation of product launch plans
      (Adaptation of formats, labels, languages and communication to the Spanish market)
    • – Promotional planning with earnings per share analysis (pre and post)
    • – Adaptation of promotional themes to the requisites of customers and consumers
    • – Design, production and implementation of point-of-sale materials (fliers, brochures, displays, etc.).
    • – Collection and analysis of market data to detect developments and trends in terms of the market and competition.
    • 4. Together with the Manufacturers and, in accordance with their priorities and objectives:
    • – Strategic analysis of opportunities based on category management.
    • – Planning and control of investment for customers (trade) and consumers (marketing)
    • – Development of specific marketing tools for brand development (awareness, visibility, penetration, etc.)
    • 5. Integrated logistics management through our platform in Madrid
      (Provisioning, storage, extraordinary handling, preparation and delivery of goods)
    • 6. Administrative management: Invoicing, payment, incidents, etc (customer service)
    • 7. Regular monitoring of business evolution through reporting tools.